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Explore and Brainstorm Options for Development

  • 95 US dollars
  • Online Session

Descripción del servicio

WHAT THIS MEANS: This type of coaching session is a 45-min conversation, between you and I, stress free, expectations free, and commitment free. WHAT YOU WILL GET: Together we will find the way to best align your dreams, hopes, and desires with the kind of life you've always wanted to have. We will dissect the Wheel of Life and analyze the status of each area, identifying where it is you need to work the most for your personal growth. WHAT IT WILL LEAD TO: You will realize that not all your life is failing, but it is only a section (or a couple) of it that is affecting the rest of your well-being. I will help you clarify, identify and awaken your truth, that reality that we often hide and don't want to accept or acknowledge, because we are too busy or simply we don't see it as a necessity or priority in our daily, fast-paced living culture.

Detalles del contacto

1 (786) 315-1246

South Miami, FL South Miami, FL, USA

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